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Greek, Coptic, Hebrew, Aramaic, and other fonts
BIOLA Hebrew font
The Reformed Reader ancient language fonts (also, downloadable bibles in several modern and ancient languages)


e-Sword -- Free application for Windows!! A Bible study tool complete with several commentaries, several cross references, several translations, and more. Be sure to look in the Help menu under "e-Sword On The Web"; many of that commentaries, etc., are separate downloads. Especially useful is that ability to add your own comments to Bible books and verses.
On-line Bible Dictionaries
Your Dictionary -- various religions. This site also contains a huge list dictionaries other that just religions ones.
Greek Bible MP3s - Listen to the Bible in Grrek

Bibles On-line

Blue Letter Bible -- searchable
Unbound Bible -- Searchable. Various modern and ancient translations
The Hebrew Names Version (HNV) -- a.k.a The World English Bible: Messianic Edition (WEB:ME) -- especially check out the NET bible, a brand new translation project!
The Five Gospels Parallels -- the site displays various side-by-side combinations of 5 Gospels (cononical + Thomas), Paul, and Q. Bible Gateway
W. Wilker's Bible Page -- canonical and non-canonical greek texts.
The Book of Enoch
Old Testament Apocrypha The Gnostic Societ Library -- Christian Apocrypha and early Christian literature
The Gnostic Societ Library -- Gnostic Scriptures and Fragments
The Gnostic Societ Library -- Patristic polemical works against the Gnostics
Early Christian Writings with estimated dates of authorship
Book Order of the Hebrew Bible -- Old Testament dates
The Septuagint
The Saint Pachomius Library -- an alphabetical list of Orthodox patristic texts
The Papyrus Egerton 2 Homepage -- includes unidentified gospels

Downlaodable Bibles

The Reformed Reader Downloadable bibles in several modern and ancient languages (also, ancient language fonts)
Bible Gateway -- formats: eBook, Real Audio, MP3 Audio