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Comparative Religion
Creeds of Christendom
Sacred Texts -- huge collection of sacred texts from every religion immaginable


Infidels - secular commentary on current events, plus a huge library of articles
American Atheists - secular commentary on current events, plus a huge library of articles
Secular Humanism - eZine
Humanists - this is actually a resource center for humanist sites which includes free hosting and email.
Skeptics Annotated Bible - commentary by biblical verse and also by topic
Freethought Radio - live and recorded broadcasts
Christianity Meme - a site dedicated to the exposure that Christanity is a meme.


Early Christian Writings - excellent on-line collection of writings, with options to sort by date, name, and other criteria.
Early Jewish Writings
New Advent's Early Church Fathers - sorted by author name
CCEL's Early Church Fathers - organized by writing type
The Latin Library -- includes translations of Church Fathers in Latin


Biblical Hermeneutics -- includes Hebrew, Greed, and other ancient near-eastern languages.
Ancient Scripts -- origins of various written languages


Clement of Alexandria -- The Development of the Canon of the New Testament
Cross-reference Table -- The Development of the Canon of the New Testament -- Early Lists Of The Books Of The New Testament, various church canons

Textual Criticism

A Student's Guide to New Testament Textual Variants -- New Testament
Bible Research -- textual varients, Old and New Testaments
Salvation Contradictions -- Bible contradictions about salvation

Resource Pages

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies




US Constitution -- timelines, documents, more
Apologies Accepted -- Cheer up! (response to Sorry Everybody)
F-Scale -- see where you fall on the fascism scale

Current Events

Policy Review


American War of Independence 1775 - 1783


Council for Secular Humanism
Progressive Humanism
Secular Humansim
The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism
Humanistic Judaism Home Page

Human Rights

Human Rights Organizations
Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- adopted by United Nations

Church and State

Current Issues


New Science


Belief Statistics
A Survey of UFOLogists -- and their beliefs in unexplained phenomena