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Paris Agreement

The US and China alone account for more than a third of the worlds CO2 emissions which is the primary cause of catastrophic global warming. China has agreed to a significant reduction plan and they are currently on target to exceed their commitment. Thanks to President Obama, the US is on track to significantly reduce CO2 emissions as well. 177 of all 196 countries in the world have signed the Paris Agreement.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in response to the Paris Agreement that Obama is “making promises he can’t keep” and should remember that the agreement “is subject to being shredded in 13 months.” McConnell noted that the presidential election is next year and the agreement could be reversed if the GOP wins the White House.

Wouldn't it be tragically ironic if the GOP, the party with "Renewing American Values" as the title of their party platform, was responsible not only for a Trump political disaster that devastates the US economy and US foreign relations, but for a disaster that devastates the entire planet?